Teaching I Julie's Jazz Journal

Julie's Jazz Journal

On Creativity - Each singer, I believe, has access to a creative, mental landscape where they can go for inspiration, illumination and problem solving. It is a very encouraging thing to know that this abstract place, which I sometimes picture as an intricate, flourishing garden, is always there in the singer's imagination. It is a haven where ideas can freely take shape and mingle with other musical bits and pieces that contribute to the singer is intuition and skill.

On Lyric - Singers, I'm convinced, love language. And through their fascination with poetic text of all sorts and their inherent rhythms, find themselves involved in one of the oldest marriages known to man: the union of words and melody. Involving students with lyrics found in standard tunes can be challenging because the language often lies just beyond the gates of daily usage. One way to gain access to lyric can be through the portal of poetry.

On Building Confidence - I think it can be helpful if singers sometimes see themselves as members of an old, flourishing tribe. We are not alone when we sing. In many instances, we're singing similar songs and telling stories as those who have gone before us. I believe we inherit a legacy of energy and skill from all those singers which we can embrace and develop further.

On Performance Anxiety - Anxiety about singing is a positive thing. There are a limited number of singers that suffer from chronic, debilitating fear, but for most of us, fear is a friend and ally. Fear starts in the belly and ignites to burn and provide energy so that we can transform into the larger person we must become when we perform. Fear can lift performance into the transcendental, taking something already wonderful and making it something unforgettable. Finding ways to tolerate and accommodate fear is a worthwhile task!



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