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"Best of the Year In Stage and Song Top Ten Jazz CDs"

"It’s discouraging that sales of CDs are at record lows, what with MP3s, filesharing and other I-like-to-listen-but-don’t- need-to-buy scenarios, as well as till-elevated prices. On the flip side, the hgih quality of the music hasn’t waned, at least in jazz circles, as proved by this year’s Top 10 jazz CDs, offered here...

“Canta Brasil” Kenny Baron
“Man In the Air” Kurt Elling
“Live In New York” Barry Harris
“up for it” Keith Jarrett

“Kelly Sings Christy” Julie Kelly (Chase Music Group)
Kelly, who like Elling, is a true jazz singer, w orks with pianist Tom Garvin in essaying a selection of somber and smiling songs recorded by June Christy, the vocal star of the 40’s and 50s. Among the numbers: the riveting, poignant “Something Cool”, the aching “Lonely House”, with lyrics by Langston Hughes, the jubilant “Gone For the Day” and “It’s a Most Unusual Day”.

“Algeria” Wayne Shorter
“The Real Deal” Gary Smulyan
“Strings” Jim Snidero
“The Stryker/Slagle Band” Dave Stryker/Steve Slagle
“Latin Tinge” Cedar Walton





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